Thursday, February 12, 2009

Plump Puckers with Lip Fusion!

Valentine's day is just around the corner, so ladies, get your lips ready. To get the perfect pucker that you desire all you have to do is use Lip Fusion by Fusion Beauty! I love Lip Fusion! I don't know how I managed before Lip Fusion! It is the BEST lip plumper out there. Absolutely no contest! I'm surprised that I am only writing about this product now, but I guess since it is Valentine's day in two days, there is no time like the present. Ladies, if you haven't tried this product, get serious about life and hit up the nearest Sephora and hook yourself up. I know other ladies that swear by this product! Not only is this product amazing, but they have the best shades ever. My favourites colours at the moment are Smooch, Sugar and Sweet. Three of the colours in their line of lip plumper's also make your teeth look whither. The colours are Sugar, Ripe and Bloom. I love love love!! Now, for those of you who want seriously plump lips try using Lip Fusion XL, which is a night treatment that you use before you get your beauty rest, that has two times the micro-injected collagen and hyaluronic acid. So, ladies get your puckers ready and spread the love!

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