Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blushing Beauties

Blush is something that all girls need to use to bring a youthful vitality to their face. For fair skinned beauties you should think peach and pink, lovelies with medium skin tones should go for corals and roses, while darker skinned girlie's should go with brighter bold shades and hues. 

Now, how do you pick the right type of blush for you? Well ,with so many to choose from, powders, creams, stains, and gels it can get a little bit confusing. Why not experiment to see what is right for you? One general rule is to stick to with matte formulas if you have any type of scars on your skin.

When you have found the right blush, you need the perfect tool, to help with the application. For powder blush, use a large powders blush with natural hairs. Creams, stains and gels are best applied with your finger tips in small, circular motions. Remember to always apply after foundation but before powder. 

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