Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tracy Anderson Method Update

I know, I know...I am insanely late writing this post, but here it is. My verdict on the Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD is positive! She is a pint sized little genius. Her video engages you with seductive movements, masking the difficulty of the actual tasks. I thoroughly enjoyed her routine, although it was an hour long and I am the laziest person on the face of the earth. Her workout was perfect for me because it was not extremely difficult and I didn't feel like giving up half way. Also, she is against using weights over 3 pounds and I love her for that. Yuck, I don't want man arms! I did, however feel it the next day! If you are bored with your usual routine, Tracy Anderson is a great choice! Tracy Anderson Method will definitely be a part of my fitness schedule. 

You now have more options for getting into great shape. Rather than purchasing one of her three DVDs, you can download webisodes available on Tracy Anderson Connect. Three webisodes are offered - arms, abs and butt/thighs. The great part is with each purchase you get an iPod version as well as one Hi-Res Quicktime version. Oh, and did I mention that 100% percent of the proceeds from all of the webisodes go to Raising Malawi? Not only will you be getting your butt into shape, you will also be helping orphans in Malawi. 


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