Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Hills Drama!!

So, I attempted to keep my mouth shut for sooo long and I've come to the conclusion it's really not going to work out. This episode was just too good. Crazy girls everywhere! Let's start from the very beginning with Heidi aka crazy girl #1...Oh, Heidi...you sweet stupid girl. Sweetheart, you really need to learn...if you are going to go through your man's phone to read his texts, at least have the sense to not delete them! I mean, don't you want to know if he is going to respond before you go wild?! Maybe, Spencer was going to behave.....haha, negative..he would have gone to H.Wood behind your back and creeped around with Stacie "the bartender". I love how she goes to H.Wood just to see if he would be there with her...well, honey..he probably would have if he had gotten the text inviting him to go...So what the hell are you doing going?! Clearly she wanted to get up in Stacie's face. Side note, is it just me, or do Stacie's friends look a lot like her?Am I the only one who finds that a little odd? Anyway back to Heidi and Spencer, why are these two still going to therapy? Isn't this a sign that maybe they shouldn't be together? That being said, I don't really want them to stop going, because they are just so entertaining! It's like watching 5 year olds fight. I have to love Heidi for trying to justify her stalker-ish ways though. Heidi, the therapist is never going to agree that going through Spencer's phone was cool, but I am sure your girlfriends aka Stephanie and your sister will agree that you weren't out of line. Save yourself some money and talk to them instead. Spencer can go discuss his relationship issues with Charlie, who, by the way, looks like he's pushing 40.

Moving on from one dysfunctional relationship to the next...Brody and Jayde aka crazy girl #2. So, if you watched the last episode, you know that in Hawaii, Audrina "slept" in Brody's bed. Now all 10 of us watching over the age of 12 know exactly what happened here but I'm gonna play Nancy Drew for just a moment. Now what I'd like to know is if she just "slept" in Brody's bed, why would he have told his friend that he cheated on his girlfriend the very next day. Obviously something isn't adding up here. Now fast forward to my favourite hot mess, Jayde, oh and did I mention she's angry. Now Jayde hates Audrina and Audrina being that special little girl that she is, isn't exactly the brightest of lightbulbs so she decides to make an appearance at a little house gathering. Now this being the first time that Jayde and Audrina are together, after the whole "sleeping" incident, obviously this doesn't go well. Jayde flies off the handle with the help of her playmate posse(what a surprise) and all hell breaks loose. But really what was she expecting? Audrina pretty much provoked the entire thing by blowing kisses at Brody upon her arrival. Seriously Audrina? a bit of a stupid move, no? Anyway after the altercation, Jayde decides to drown her sorrows by taking a giant swig out of a Jager bottle. Classy. And what is this with the Jager everywhere it's like these girls should have it on an IV drip. Moving on to the club. Again, another altercation takes place and immediately Jayde reaches for old faithful. You little lush. Now the real victim in all this in my eyes is Brody because lest face it, he's the one who has to clean up that Hot Mess. I almost actually felt bad for him this episode, until ofcourse he went on his little date and started whining to Lauren about how Audrina only "slept" in his bed. Riiiiiiight...(insert collective eyeroll here) Seriously Brody if you're going to lie to us at least put some effort in.

Now before getting to my to my last point..one more thing...Stephanie...please don't ever use the word gnarly again....EVER!...honestly....we can barely tolerate you without the adlibs

Ok so to tie this into the theme of my blog. As per usual, I have a problem with Lauren's face. Specifically, what was going on in the lip area...No, the red lipstick did not make an appearance this time...infact it was far worse...there was nothing..NOTHING.. on her lips....you could have struck a match off them they were so dry... and of all things dry lips?!
Honey, you are on television... that's inexcusable...seriously...do something...don't make me tell you again...
i'm done...
for now

1 comment:

  1. I concur! Such a juicy episode!
    I have 2 things to add:
    1)Whats up with Jayde's eyes? They are kind of cartoony.
    And 2) I have a feeling lauren's dry lips are her attempt at the nude-matte 60's look, which clearly doesn't translate too well on tv.
    That is all.
    P.S. Amazing job on the blog!



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