Monday, May 25, 2009

Hot Mess Monday

Welcome to Hot Mess Monday! Monday usually sucks, so I thought I would spice them up a little bit. I did a Fashion Police post last Tuesday featuring Whitney Port in the gold jumpsuit. Well, I have decided to make this a weekly occurrence. I will post traumatic outfits and/or major make up disasters so, you can start your week off right. I will attempt to keep the hating to a minimum. What better way to start off this new found tradition then to allow Lindsay Lohan to be the first victim. Please refer to the picture above. I don't know whether I should blame this on excessive coke snorting or the lack thereof. She looks nuts. The extensions in her hair look ratty and she looks like she could use a scrub down. If only she wasn't wearing those heinous sunglasses, I could examine her face better and make fun of her awful attempt at putting on make up. On to the outfit...I had no idea Whitney Port gave Lindsay Lohan fashion advice. What is up with the onesies?! She looks like an over grown baby. Yuck, on Friday I was at Mendocino and the girl working there suggested something almost as hideous as this outfit and I nearly lost my lunch as well as the will to continue shopping. The only time something like this is acceptable is if you are 6 months old. Lindsay, get help!

Happy Monday ladies!


PS. Don't cry, the weekend is only 4 days away.

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