Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Primped & Proper Sins

I have decided to share what I believe is not Primped and Proper. All of these items on my list are basically things that drive me crazy....here it goes...

1. Dry Lips....Never ever go out with dry lips. No excuses! Every single girl should have some sort of moisturizing lip balm, lip gloss or lip stick with them at all times. Listen up Lauren Conrad...this one was for you....
2. Chipped nail polish....especially if you are going out on the town. Don't even think about leaving your house all glammed up with chipped nails. Take the colour off completely, or allocate some time to do your nails.
3. Denim on denim. I feel as though I don't need to explain why, you should already know all reasons why this is unacceptable, even if you work on a farm. If I see another person wearing denim on denim I will probably lose my mind.
4. Going out with stained clothing. Yuck. Not primped, not proper.
5. Your underwear showing, even your bra straps. Not hot.
6. Wearing open toe shoes without getting or giving yourself a pedicure. No excuses. If you don't have the time to get your nails done, don't wear open toe shoes. Thanks.
7. Faux blondes...strutting around with dark roots. Ladies, if you want to be blonde, you have to maintain your hair. Oh, and no blonde on top and brunette on the bottom. I remember a time when that was the cool thing to do, but that time has passed. Get over it. If you want to be blonde, be completely blonde. Above is a picture of Aubrey O'Day committing this terrible sin...tsk tsk...I think she needs to spend less time dealing with her puppy's hair and focusing on her own.
8. Wearing eye make up with no mascara...Just don't...it looks really bad. If you are going to do your eye make up, go all the way. Mascara is your friend.
9. Super tight clothing. Wear your size please. You will look and feel better.
10. Complete coordination...you don't have to match your shoes and your belt and your purse and your earrings. Yuck, mix it up. When I see girls doing this...I know they are trying way too hard.


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