Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bronzed & Beautiful

First off, let me start by saying, I feel like I am in rehab. I am on a business trip in Vermont and I am going through some serious shopping withdrawal. I shop everyday. Every single day, I make some sort of purchase. I have a problem. It's an issue, but I am not going to do anything to change it. No point in lying, right? I currently have a break from meetings and I am lounging in my hotel room, listening to music and flipping through magazines making a list of things that I plan on purchasing on Friday upon my sweet return to Toronto. I miss walking down Queen Street West! I miss knowing that there is a Sephora and MAC Cosmetics close by. I have no idea if either of my two loves are close to my hotel....there is something very unsettling about that...All I know is that there is a Ben & Jerry's factory close by.... I love Ben & Jerry's...Cherry Garcia...yum! Okay, enough about ice cream...I original point for this post was to talk about bronzers! I have packed enough clothing to last me about 10 trip is only four days long...This morning I noticed that I only brought one pair of pants and a large selection of skirts. I am not the best packer, obviously. The pants I wore yesterday, so today I was stuck wearing a skirt, which is fine, don't get me wrong. I love skirts. I actually prefer them over pants. What I don't love is pale legs! Luckily, being the girly girl that I am, I used Glow Fusion Natural Protein Tan over the weekend, and to my surprise my legs still look fabulous! I have a wide variety of tanning sprays and lotions at home and I thought I would recommend them to my fellow beauties. Here are a list of all of my favorites...

Glow Fusion Natural Protein Tan - Great for face & body

Glow Fusion Natural Protein Tan Enhancing Emulsion - Excellent when used in conjunction with Glow Fusion Natural Protein Tan

Fake Bake Skinny Solutions -Not only is this product a self tanner, but it tones as well!

Joico Skin Luxe Golden Shimmer Gradual Self Tanner - Joico is expanding their products into skin are and I'm so excited! I love their haircare products and so far I am very happy with their skincare line!

Jergens Natural Glow - This is the least expensive item in this list, but it is amazing! It is offered as a lotion as well as a foam.

Neutrogena MicroMist Sunless Tanning Spray - This is one of the best sprays I have used. It goes on even and dries super quick.

Here are two items that I have heard great things about and wish to try as soon as possible...
Sevin Nyne - Lindsay Lohan's new tanning mist...only available at select Sephora locations...if you can't get it at your local Sephora, you can order it online.


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