Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tracy Anderson Method

Want an A - list body? Celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson may be a little bit too busy with Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow to help you out personally, but don't worry you can purchase her three new DVDs that will whip your butt into shape. Face it, winter is over, you can't hide out in your sweats anymore. Ti's the season for short shorts and even shorter skirts! If you are like me and hate gyms then an at home workout DVD is for you. There is nothing I hate more then going to the gym and being surrounded by sweaty meat heads. Gross! I love to run, but it's still to chilly for that and the Victoria Beckham diet is making me cranky, so soon I will have Tracy Anderson kicking my behind. I will keep you all posted! If you are interested in joining me on my workout journey you can pick up a copy of any of her three DVDs here.  

PS. One out of the three DVDs is for those of you ladies trying to lose your baby weight! 

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