Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joe Fresh Beauty

I am completely blown away. I just found out about Joe Fresh's new beauty line. I never expected this. Just like their clothing, every single one of their beauty items is so inexpensive. Budget beauties locate your closest Loblaws retailer and go wild. I have never seen such amazing prices! Most expensive item is $14! Yup, that's right, $14!! I have yet to check out this goldmine, but the first chance I get I will be visit my nearest Loblaws to inspect. I hope they do not disappointed. Here are a range of their products and their prices....

Cream Lipstick - $6
Matte Lipstick - $6
Lip Gloss - $6
Eyeshadow - $4
Brow Powder - $6
Eyeshadow Trio - $6
Mascara - $6
Liquid Eye Liner - $6
Cheek Tint - $4
Bronzer - $8
Pressed Powder - $6
Blush - $6
Duo Concealer - $8
Cream Foundation - $8
Assorted Brushes - $8 to $14

Talk about recession approved beauty!

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