Monday, March 16, 2009

How To Apply Your "Tan" Like A Pro

Here is a step by step on how to get the perfect tan with self-tanner!

1. Exfoliate skin in the shower with a body scrub, loofah, or scrubby gloves, and shave your legs. The smoother skin is, the better your tan will look. 
2. Don't apply moisturizer to skin. It can prevent the self-tanning formula from taking hold and can result in spottiness. 
3. When skin is 100% dry, apply your self-tanner evenly. Work in every zone to ensure you cover all areas. 
4. Move from head to toes apply with fingers tightly closed (spreading self-tanner with splayed fingers can leave you with streaks).
5. Use light, circular strokes for evenness. 
6. Don't tan the sides or heels of your feet- the thick skin there will soak up the formula. Instead, make your tan fade gradually from your shins to your feet, by blending down softly. 
7. After, applying, immediately scrub your hands with soap and water so your palms don't turn dark. Don't forget to scrub between your fingers and your cuticles! 
8. Last, take a barely- damp washcloth and buff your knees, elbows, around your jaw line, ankles, feet and wrists to blend and soften the colour there and to avoid demarcation lines. If you feel the need to go darker, repeat the process the next day, and so on, until you get the desired colour. 

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