Monday, March 2, 2009

Shiseido Spring 2009 Perfect Rouge & Smoothing Lip Pencil

Shiseido has released twenty new shades of their popular Perfect Rouge lipstick as well as seven new shades of Smoothing Lip Pencil for Spring 2009.

The 20 new unique shades are:
BE208 Baby – Gentle, warm beige
BE109 Spiced Cream – Subtle, creamy beige
BE310 Dune – Deep, sandy beige
BR702 Almond Pink – Natural, light pinky brown
OR418 Day Lily – Fresh bright orange
PK303 Pink Mesa – Medium brownish pink
PK307 Tourmaline – Clear, soft grey pink
PK417 Bubblegum – Bright warm pink
PK419 Ariel – Fresh cool pink
RD304 Sweet Pea – Fresh, soft red
RD305 Salon – Chic, cool red
RD613 Mystery – Intense, reddish chocolate
RD514 Dragon – Dramatic blood red
RD415 Valentine – Bright blue red
RD516 Cerise – Vivid cherry red
RS701 Serenity – Delicate, slightly grayish rose
RS306 Titian – Soft, grayish rose
RS711 Venetian Rose – Deep, grey rose
RS320 Fuchsia – Brilliant blue pink
RS612 Gilded Wine – Rich burgundy

As for the Smoothing Lip Pencil that compliments their line of Perfect Rouge lipsticks here are the seven new shades:

BE701 Hazel - Natural, pinky beige

BR706 Rosewood - Deep, beige brown

BR607 Coffee Bean - Rich, dark brown

PK304 Sakura - Clear, cool pink

RD702 Anemone - Soft, grayish pink

RD305 Siren - Vivid, exciting red

RS303 Mauve - Blushing rose

This collection is now available! Hurry in to any Shiseido counter and get your goodies!

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