Sunday, January 25, 2009

Highlight Shadow

Today I am dealing with a huge of my make up cases has gone missing! Unfortunately, this case contained all of my favourite things as well as some new pieces I had recently bought...not to mention expensive pieces that I adored...Although, everything within the case can be purchased and replaced, the bag itself is irreplaceable and that is what upsets me the most. Luckily, I have this week off so I will off to the Eaton Centre tomorrow to replace all my wonderful and loved items. As for the case, I will be mourning its loss.

On to my original topic...highlight shadow!! Highlight shadow is wonderful because it can instantly make you glow. You can play with highlight shadow and apply it on areas which you want to draw attention too. You can try a dab of it on the centre of your lids , sweep it under the brow for a high arch look or place it on the inside corners of your eyes for a sparkling, eye-opening effect.

Highlight shades include pale frosty whites, champagne, vanilla, pearled pink, or light iridescent gold.

Some of my favourites are Vex, Vellum, Hush, and Naked Lunch all from MAC.

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