Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sensual Nude Lips

Nude lips are super trendy right now and suit most people. I personally love the nude lip and smokey seductive eyes. It is extremely sexy. Kim Kardashian rocks the look very well, but of course she has her make up done by the pros. If you want to try it out I have a few colours to recommend as well as some glosses that you can layer on top to add some dimension.

MAC Cosmetics
Angel Lipstick - this lipstick is slight pink, perfect for medium and olive skin tones
Nice Buzz Plush Glass - possibly my favourite lip gloss from MAC. It is a shimmery gold with gold pearl.
Bare Slimline Lipstick - this lipstick is a subtle pink with gold pearl

NARS Cosmetics
Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer - Nude Beige (currently one of my favourites)
Belle Du Jour Lipstick - Nude beige
Blonde Venus Lipstick - Cool Beige
Female Trouble Lipgloss - Lilac Mauve
Giza Lipgloss - Nectar
Chihuahua Lipgloss - Guava

Pineapple Cocktail Kiss Gloss
Fizzy Lemonade Kiss Gloss

Glow Levres Scintillantes Glossimer - peach bronze

Gloss Pur - #1 Pure Nude
Golden Gloss - #11 Golden Whisper (love!!!)

If you want Kim's look - try using NARS lipstick in Belle Du Jour and then layering on NARS lipgloss in Giza.

PS. I also have a random rant to share….So, this morning I was sitting on the train staring at this guy’s massive coffee stain on his white dress shirt, thinking to myself what a sucker, great way to start your day. After giggling to myself, I got back to reading Bazaar UK Edition, which has the best beauty section this month, when I realized, to my horror….that I was not wearing mascara! How do I forget to wear mascara?! How is that even possible?! I love mascara…I live for mascara…if mascara suddenly disappeared I would not be able to continue on….Luckily, I carry a tube with me at all times, along with a nice selection of lip gloss and a bunch of other essentials…The best part of the entire thing is that, I have been trying to make it a habit to curl my eyelashes and this morning I did! But I some how forgot to wear mascara….not eating breakfast is clearly not helping me function the way I should.

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