Thursday, April 30, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Tips From MAC Make Up Artist Keri

I really could have used an extra hour of sleep last night...oh, who am I kidding I could have used an extra five hours of sleep. I have an insane headache that 30 Advil's won't cure. FML. Last night was one of those annoying nights where you get into a senseless argument right before you are supposed to go to sleep. It was one of those stupid arguments that could have been totally avoided if specific precautions had been taken...again...who am I kidding...I would have flipped out either way....But it's nothing a little retail therapy and a sweet kiss from someone special won't cure. Anyway, my bloody alarm goes off at the usual time this morning and I do my usual routine of hitting the snooze three hundred times before I get up....but this morning was a little different. No, I still hit the snooze three hundred times...but I looked over at my blackberry and I had an email that cheered me up for a few seconds...MAC Cosmetics beauty expert Keri has posted a wonderful how to video on the website. It perfectly illustrates how to make your Mineralize products look absolutely amazing. Thank you God for making my morning a little less miserable... click here for the delicious details.........

So, now I have a few things to look forward to today...and no sitting at work for 8 hours wondering why I can not be left alone for two seconds to get any of my own work done is so impossible, is not what I mean. The few highlights include watching Obsessed - yes I know it's an awful movie but, what can I say..I enjoying watching Beyonce attempt to act. I'm not going to lie, knowing there is a woman with bigger thighs then me makes me feels fabulous. I'm not trying to hate on her, because if I was that would mean that I was jealous of her and I'm am not jealous of her looks because, well you know...and I almost feel bad for the girl...she has to wake up to Jay-Z's face every morning, that would drive me to suicide, and we all know he has a face that only a mother could love. Before I head to the movie I plan on hitting up MAC for some retail therapy. MAC is like a perfect friend that never ever disappoints. Even if I walk out of there with nothing, which is physically impossible, I will walk out of there with a huge smile on my face. Also, most importantly....tomorrow is FRIDAY! I think I just heard the entire world sigh...who doesn't love Friday?! Thankfully, I get to spend the weekend with a bottle of vodka, champagne, a blender and some wonderful girl talk...outside of the city.

Now would it be totally inappropriate if I pulled a George Costanza and took a nap under my desk.....?


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