Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three Makeup Tips for a Slim Face

Whether you need to lose weight or were just blessed - or cursed - with a round face, there are a number of makeup tricks you might be able to use to slim the appearance of your face considerably.

Makeup Step #1: Begin with your eyes. Make your eyes stand out with the skillful application of eye shadow and mascara. Do the same with your eyebrows. Do not overly pluck your eyebrows, so that they are little more than thin lines. Instead, allow them to have a bit of fullness.

Makeup Step #2: Do not forget to also spend a bit of time on your cheekbones. Ideally, you will apply sculpting powder not only to your cheekbones, but also to the jaw line. An old makeup trick furthermore suggests the use of sculpting powder for the sides of the nose, but only if this fits in with the overall impression the sculpting powder offers. After all, you do not want your rounded face to have a chiseled looking nose but hardly-there cheekbones.
As a general rule, it is wise to avoid the overuse of sculpting powder and blush. Although they can go well together, if you do not apply them expertly, you end up with an odd look that is either uneven, striped, or both. Play around with these beauty products under harsh lights, so you get a good feel of the amount to apply, the brushstrokes to use, and also where to concentrate your efforts. Spending a bit of time at the onset makes this an easy enough procedure later on.

Makeup Step #3: Last but not least, plump your lips. After accentuating the eyes and sculpting the cheeks, you need to also draw attention to the lower portion of the face. This is easily done by using a lip plumper and also applying lip gloss over your lipstick to the middle portion of your lower lip. This is a great way to draw attention away from the roundest portion of your face.

Hope this helps!


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