Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LFW Septmeber 19th - MAC Cosmetics Face Charts

Morange Lipstick – applied sheer along lower lashline, across lid
and up to brow and extended out slightly to create a 90s feel.
Dusk Cream Colour Base – blended into socket line with brush 219.
Clear Lipglass – slicked onto the upper lid .
Bleached out brows.

Morange Lipstick and Studio Sculpt Foundation – mixed together
and patted onto lips.
Luna Cream Colour Base – used to highlight cupids bow and down
centre of lip and topped with Gold Pigment.

Studio Sculpt Foundation – applied to skin with brush 188.
Morange Lipstick – used on and under the cheekbones and
up through the temples.
Dusk Cream Colour Base – used underneath cheekbone to contour.
Shell Cream Colour Base – to highlight tops of cheekbones and
centre of the nose.

Litebrite Cremeshadow (Available 2011) –applied as a sheer wash over
the lid with more attention by the lashline.
Fascinating Eye Kohl – applied to the waterlines.
Carbon black Opulash (Available 2011) – combed through the lashes.
Clear Brow Set – to set the brows.

Diva Lipstick – very softly applied as a base.
Ruby Woo Lipstick – in the centre of the lips.

Strobe Liquid – all over the face to give skin a hyperluminosity.
Studio Sculpt Concealer – applied where needed.
So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblush – on the apples of the cheeks.
For the random highlights there were three colour options
lilac , pastel blue or pastel lime,
created by mixing the following M·A·C PRO Paintsticks:
Lilac – Pure White, Marine Ultra and Process Magenta.
Pastel blue – Pure White and Hi-Def Cyan.
Pale lime – Pure White, Landscape Green and Primary Yellow.

Washed Out Creamshadow (available 2011) and Digit Eyeshadow –
blended onto upper lid and taken up to brow using a 217 brush.
Fascinating Eye Kohl – applied to the lower waterline .

Saint Germain Lipstick – patted over lip conditioner on the lips.

Face and Body Foundation – applied onto moisturized skin using
a 187 brush.
Select Moisturecover Concealer – used to conceal and as a
highlighter on top of cheek and centre of nose.
Pink Swoo n Powder Blush – applied to centre of cheeks
with a 138 brush.

Ebony Eye Pencil – a trace in the upper lashline to give the
eyes a subtle strength without needing mascara .

Lip Conditioner – patted onto the lips.

Moisturelush Cream mixed with Fix+ and Care Blends
Essential Oils – all whipped into the skin with a 187 brush
for a ‘skin cuisine.’
Fast Response Eye Cream – patted under eyes.
Select Moisturecover Concealer – where needed.
Face and Body Foundation – where needed.
Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder – on T zone only.
Lilicent and Laidback Blushcremes – across the cheeks and
bridge of the nose for a ‘country glow’ applied in a large
area with a 188 brush.

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