Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introducing - Belvada Mascara

It is not often that we see something new and exciting when it comes to mascara. Every now and then, it is nice to be surprised and Belvada Mascara has certainly managed to do that.

Belvada claims to provide the following:

One Hand Application
Mascara Loads Uniquely from Tip to Bottom
Greater Stability and Control
Optimum Volume
No Pumping Necessary

Belvada presents a new concept in mascara application. Innovative in design, this unique one hand applicator will change the way you use mascara forever. The Belvada mascara will define, curl and lengthen your lashes to create a fantastic look.

A mascara's formula is of optimum importance. If it claims to volumize, lengthen and curl, it better do just that! Belvada Mascara promises and delivers those very things—but that's not exactly what makes it one of the most unique mascaras we've laid eyes on (or laid on our eyes).

The box boasts that what you're about to use is "the evolution of mascara." But more accurately, it's the evolution of mascara application. The presentation makes it almost unrecognizable as mascara, but that's also what makes it awesome. Instead of another wand-attached-to-cap, umpteen-pumps application, Belvada Mascara has you untwist the top, and push the hidden wand up with a slider.

The lush brush is packed with enough mascara to dramatically enhance both eyes' lashes without dipping in for more. You get more uses and less bacteria, not to mention a gorgeous finish!

Directions for use:
Twist off cap.
Top of cap can be attached to base of applicator, if desired
Push slider up, slowly, to extend brush.
Apply mascara; brush holds enough mascara for both eyelashes.
Push slider down to retract brush.
Replace cap.
Washes off easily with water; no cleanser necessary.

Seriously one of the most innovative mascaras I have tried so far. Loving the idea of no pumping! I love how this mascara brings the wand up from the tube and elimantes "goop" that usually ends up at the tip. Pretty genius.

To try out Belvada visit Salvatore Leonetti Salon
69 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 1B8
(416) 849-9385

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