Monday, September 13, 2010

D.I.Y Bow Shoes

FLAT BOW HEELS (inspired by Louis Vuitton)

-Pointy or almond-toe pumps (we used Aldo's Rieber Pumps ($120); just look for a style with a sturdy heel)
-Textured leather ribbon
-Hot glue gun

Directions for one bow
1. Cut two pieces of leather into strips: the first one should be approximately 7" x 1.5", the second one should be approximately 4" x 1.5". (You can go bigger or smaller depending on how large you want the bow to be.) 
2. The longer piece will serve as the base of the bow. Place this piece in front of you, horizontally, with the colorful side of the leather facing down. 
3. Starting at the outside edge, fold the leather strip into thirds, gluing each side down with your hot glue gun. The final bow should be approximately 4 inches long, but again, you can make it bigger or smaller to your taste. 
4. Next, you will create the bow's knot! To do this, take the smaller piece of leather and fold it around the center of the bow. When you've positioned it correctly (make sure the seam is in the back!), use your hot glue gun to secure it to the bow. 

5. While the glue on the bow is drying, cut two small pieces of Velcro, measuring 2" x 1" each. 
6. Using the hot glue gun, attach one small piece of Velcro to the back of the bow, in the center. Then glue the opposite side of the piece of Velcro to the center/top of your shoe, where you want the bow to be placed. 
7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the second bow. 
8. Finally, stick your new bows to your shoes and voila! Flat, ladylike bow heels à la Louis Vuitton! 

KNOTTED BOW HEELS (inspired by Isabel Marant)

-Pointy pumps (we used the Robyn Heels ($40) from JustFabulous) 
-Glue gun
-Marking tool (like a silver Sharpie pen) 
-Textured paper (try Momi paper, which is available at most fine art or stationary stores)

Directions for one bow
1. Cut one piece of textured paper into a rectangle measuring 10" x 4". 
2. Using your Sharpie or other pen, mark and cut paper into an angled rhombus shape (see image above for reference!) 
3. Tie a knot in the center of the paper. Feel free to trim the ends of the paper to achieve the desired shape and size. 
4. Cut a small piece of Velcro, approximately 1" x .5", and glue one side to the back of the knot, in the center of the bow. 
5. Using the glue gun again, adhere the opposite side of the Velcro to the heel, wherever you'd like the bow to be placed. For the most Marant-like look, go for the outer edge of the vamp, as seen above. 
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the second bow. 
7. Stick bows on the shoes—and look fabulous!

via: Who What Wear

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