Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot Mess Monday - Jessica Simpson

Hot Mess Monday would like to present – Jessica Simpson. Here is Jessica looking extremely fug in Maryland at the AT & T Golf Tournament. She was chosen to sing the national anthem. Not only did she torture the ears of the poor souls present, but she also did a number on their eyes. Simpson’s heinous red and navy striped sheath dress is by Michael Kors. Michael, you disappointment me more than you please me. This dress couldn’t be any more hideous on Simpson. It makes her look extremely wide and chunky. Either the dress just doesn’t fit right, which seems to be the issue, or it is a miss for any body type.

On to her hair and make up – disappointment. Ken Paves needs to step it up. Her hair is boring and way to yellowish blonde. Her make up is not working for her either. Her lips are way too pale and blending in with her fake and bake a bit too much. Overall, I hate everything about this look. Jessica Simpson, you fail. The only good thing going for her is the fact that her ex-hubby and that ugly girl that he dated right after their divorce have finally called it quits.

Happy Monday people, although there is not happy about it since Friday seems to be a decade away.


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