Monday, November 23, 2009

Hot Mess Monday - Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Momsen

Congrats to Alicia Keys for making it on to Hot Mess Monday again! I knew I would see you again, dear. Here is my problem with this outfit...for starters, it is heinous. Next, your shoes are fugly. Oh, and I really hate that fact that your eyeshadow matches your dress (I know you can't quite tell in this pic, but trust me, her eyelids are blue), which matches your shoes. Have a little compassion for the people that have to look at you. Get a new stylist.

Kim, I think your breast wants to come out and play...oh, and your dress is fug.
***Update: This dress is Alexander Wang. I am so disappointed. Love him. Hate this.

I really don't get it. What is wrong with this child? Like I said before, someone talk to this girl's mother! She is only 17 years old. Little J should be dressing her age rather than like a cracked out divorcée. Even if she was older, that dress would still be hideous. Also, make up is supposed to make you look better rather than make you look like you haven't slept in ages. Someone help this girl out, her mother certainly isn't.


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