Monday, October 26, 2009

Hot Mess Monday - Alicia Keys & Sienna Miller

It's Monday again! I know you are all sitting at your desks hating life and dreaming of jager bombs. I know I I have two ladies who committed crimes of fashion recently. The first is Alicia Keys -lovely voice but heinous outfit. First off, that jacket - get a refund honey. It's fug. It looks extremely cheap but, that isn't even the bad part...look down...her god...her shoes! WHY? WHO MADE THOSE AND WHY ARE THEY SO UGLY!? They make her look like a super villain. Darling, have you ever heard of Christian Louboutin? He makes nice shoes - try him. Please.

Next we have Sienna Miller. I'm going to go easy on her because clearly she got attacked on her way to the event and that is why her dress looks like that...Poor thing. She must be devastated because she looks like a idiot. At least her shoes are nice though! They must be Louboutins...

Happy Monday! I know, I know...there is nothing happy about it...


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