Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot Mess Monday - Ashley Olsen

Here is Ashley Olsen, aka Troll #1, at the CFDA Awards wearing this heinous dress. I call her Troll #1 because her face actually reminds me of a troll. As you may have guessed it, Mary Kate is Troll #2. Back to Ashley, the dress is her own creation from her new fashion line called The Row. Troll #1 has decided to move away from acting, because she realized that she lacks the ability to do so, and move into the fashion industry. Hopefully, she will soon realize she sucks at that also. This dress makes me nauseous. It is absolutely disgusting on her and would be on everyone else, with the exception of an 80 year woman. Guess what else is driving me crazy about this - her roots. It's like these blond girls are all aware of the fact that it drives me wild and they purposely don't get them re-done. I can't say much about her make up, it neutral and simple, which gets approval from me. Although her make up is decent, her dress is so disgusting that she fails. Sorry Grandma!

Happy Monday!


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