Thursday, August 26, 2010

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer - Rant & Review

I feel like I am always on the quest for the perfect concealer. My under eye circles are not that bad, but they do need a little help. I had been using Benefit’s Erase Paste for the longest time until boredom struck and the creasing just became unbearable. I found myself walking along Bloor Street one day and I strolled into Holt Renfrew…ok, fine….I often find myself walking along Bloor Street and strolling into Holt Renfrew, but that is besides the point! Anyway, I asked the lovely girl behind the Burberry counter for her advice. I originally wanted to see if Burberry had a good concealer, but unbelievably, Burberry has not yet released a concealer. However, their foundation is formulated to work as concealer. She suggested that I try Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer and so I did. She helped me find the perfect match (shade #3) and I was on my merry little way.

Here is the lowdown:

- It conceals discolorations and dark circles around the eye area
- Great application, very smooth
- Long lasting
- Creamy, yet thick (think Erase Paste, but with much less creasing)

The website states that you should use it after you apply foundation, not sure why. However, the girl at Holts did not tell me this, so I have been putting it on before applying foundation. I think it works great and it does not matter when you apply it.

Now here is my issue, after I purchased it and used it I read the back of the miniature box that it comes in. If you have purchased Laura Mercier products you know exactly what I am going to say….the back of the box reads….FINISHED PRODUCT NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Um, is that a good thing? No. No. No and NO. What they are saying is that once the product has been formulated to perfection they stop testing it on animals. Heartbreaking. I refuse to support any brand that is cruel enough to test on animals. Laura Mercier, shame on you. I was really taking a liking to the concealer and I thought my search was over…but, apparently not…back to Holts I go…not complaining…

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