Thursday, October 28, 2010

NARS Primer Review

I hate it. I do. I really, really hate it. I am always looking for the next best thing so, after I ditched my Smashbox primer, which I also hated, I ventured into Sephora and found a new primer to play with. I found that the NARS Primer did nothing, absolutely nothing. It did not make my make up last longer. It does not make my make up go on smoother. It did not even have a nice texture, like Smashbox Photo Finish primer did. I generally like to look decent by the end of the day and unfortunately, NARS did not help me achieve this goal. Do not get me wrong, I love NARS. I swear by their blush, lip gloss and lipstick. I have also tried their eyeshadow, which is not bad, but I cannot bring myself to buy any other eyeshadow except Mac’s. I really wanted to love this, because I do really love NARS. On to the next!

1 comment:

  1. on to the next for real!
    clearly it didn't live up to the hype!



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